Friday, December 21, 2007

Alwyn Torenbeek

Alwyn Torenbeek
Alwyn has been a great influence at Myella and Lyn. I love this picture...he looks a bit like he could walk on water here. Infact he had just walked through the rain. He comes out with the funnest sayings like...."I feel like a bundle of backward somersaults." or "I always wanted to be an Afgan boundry rider."

Alwyn grew up at Myella and is a great friend and has some great stories of people he's met and the things he's seen and done. He is a very intellegent man who has an insacable love of life and adventure - which of course has got him into trouble some times...but oh well what is life about anyway.

Alwyn loves all animals and especially HORSES.

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