Friday, December 21, 2007

Crocodile in Dawson River in 1953

This salt water crocdile was found in the Dawson River (20km from Myella) in 1953.

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Lyn Eather said...

In 1948 Alwyn's Sister Dafany first job was to work as a governess to Robert Orook's governess and she would ride her horse to the Ashfield homestead. This house was on the Western bank of Dawson River (200km from the sea) and she would notice when she put her horse in the water and swim acoss. 13km as the crow flies. She would have to cross the water and sometimes the horse had to swim if it had rained. She said to a few people that she was seeing a crocodile and they said it was probably a big gecko.

That there was rather a large log some few hundred metres wouldnd slip into the water
she mentioned that to jim orook
DAn Draper big run in the river was looking at the flood waters spied a croc 100m (being generous to the reader it could have even been 150m) It was a MASSIVE shot away on the other side of the , and he was able to direct a 303 into the heart! the body was retreived by a 4 by 4 blitz and paraded down the main street of Baralaba. Snowy from the verandah of the pub yelling as the vehicle paraded past "Big Gecko".
and also also snowy and andy lingrin

Daphne saying I told you so.

salt water crocodile