Sunday, December 23, 2007


This trampoline is more than 30yrs old. For Chirstmas one year the Eather Kids had a choice 3 small presents each or one big one to share. We chose the BIG one and had years of fun. The tramp now lives in Gladstone with the guests. Quite a few Myella guests fell off it so for safety we gave it away, also it was nice to have the same childhood memories as the grand kids.

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Anka said...

Hi. Nice to se the piceture from Peters 70 years day. I was so lucky to be there on his big day and Myellas party (10 years) I was also the first wo sleep in the new rom. The days I was at Myella is the best days in may live. Thanks to a great family. Big hug from Ann-Karin Fossli. Norway.