Friday, December 21, 2007

Torenbeek Place 2007

This is Torenbeek Place today. From what we can gather it was owned by atleast 4 families since 1937. Torenbeek, Tucker, Ellen, Moretti. The Eather family purchased the land in 1985 and it was used as a storage shed for farming goods and Ken Eather lived for a short time also. Since 1993 we have removed an water damaged bathroom, put in a septic (the toilet use to be 15m from the house with a frog to two in residence) and put in a laundry, oiled the wooden floor and built concrete paths and replaced the roof after it was blown off in a storm 1994. In 2007 we have renovated by oiling the exterior of the building, paining the interoor, restumping and putting in an extra shower and toilet.

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